Each member of the construction team contributes to SKY District with a clear vision:
this new city within a city is being built by people for people.
Work. Live. Play. 

Vastgoedgroep Degroote is a familiar name on the Belgian coast. With more than 40 years’ experience in property development and housing construction, Xavier Degroote and his sons Jan and David start each day with a renewed passion and focus to help their company grow. Together with their large team of motivated employees, they are not only generating an excellent profit, they are also contributing to the quality of life and the authenticity of the built environment along the Belgian coastline.

Since its establishment, Vastgoedgroep Degroote has built more than 600 homes and almost 4,000 apartments. They have a strong focus on architectural quality and make sure their buildings are prepared for both the current and the future needs of the city and its inhabitants. Thanks to their ‘A to Z structure’, whereby the Group owns the property, constructs the building and develops the real estate, they can offer their customers a ‘one stop shop’. The Group is financially sound with a low risk profile, so that the company enjoys the confidence of the major banks. This also translates into added security for both customers and suppliers.

With more than 25 years’ experience and more than 1,000 projects completed, ARCAS ARCHITECTS has built a solid international reputation in residential real estate and hotel construction. This office for architecture and urbanisation has three branches (in Knokke-Heist, Paris and Gdańsk) and is led by associate architects Bart Chielens, Bernard Van Eecke, Nico Verstuyft, Steve Herzeel, Maurice Culot and William Pesson.

We create made-to-measure solutions for professional property developers whereby we take account of the social, environmental and cultural context.
- Bart Chielens

Projects vary from villa apartments to high-rise flats, from beach resorts to elderly homes, and from exclusive residential villas to multifunctional city centres. The strength of this office of architects lies in its total approach that combines urban design concepts with architectural excellence. The results are always highly recognisable projects with a strong individual identity.

LAND landscape architects is specialised in public and collective spaces. LAND’s designs are characterised by simplicity and craftsmanship and are strongly rooted in the landscape.

Our projects are characterised by simplicity and craftsmanship and are strongly rooted in the landscape.
- Koen Hauspie

The team comprises landscape architects and urban designers. LAND typically works in teams on multidisciplinary projects. Various exceptional projects have been completed which have won the company a host of design competitions.

Sweco designs the cities and communities of tomorrow. The work results in sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructures and high-quality industrial and energy projects. They operate in 70 countries worldwide and employ 14,500 people in Europe alone.

We supervised the design of SKY Towers with the goal of creating a high-rise building of the highest quality that provides added value to the environment.
- Sofie Heirman

Sweco supervised the design of SKY Towers with the goal of creating a high-rise building of the highest quality that added value to the environment in the broadest possible sense. They conducted a mobility effect analysis (MOBER) and an EIA screening to accurately project the environmental impact of the project.

Cobe Ingenieurs analyses, designs and supervises building stability and structural integrity plans. The building structure forms the foundation of every project and must be designed and constructed both efficiently and sustainably. Cobe’s analyses pay special attention to the ambitions of each individual project and the interaction with the design partners to ensure the result is an optimum structural design.

VK Architects & Engineers is a multidisciplinary design and engineering firm that deploys its knowledge and expertise in both public and private sector projects. The creative experts are passionate about integrated design and contribute to the creation of groundbreaking projects. Their innovative concepts are helping to build a sustainable future.