Enjoy the sky-high experience of breathtaking views in the exclusive SKY Bar, the crowning glory of SKY Tower One. Sipping from your glass of champagne or summer cocktail at ninety metres above the rest of the city, you will be able to lounge for hours with your company and watch the sun slowly sink into the sea.

Access to the SKY Bar is through the SKY Lobby with your personal club card, so you can be assured of a peaceful ambience, whatever the time of day or night.

SKY Lobby

The imposing lobby of SKY Tower One is where your guests are welcomed by the janitor in a relaxed atmosphere and led to the appropriate floor of the building. This 6-metre-high entrance hall has a high-quality finish and perfectly reflects the grandeur that is SKY Tower One.

Your peace and privacy are guaranteed by the hyper-fast and intelligent elevator system that is only accessible to holders of a club card.

SKY Health Center

Experience the height of relaxation more than 80 metres above the city in the SKY Health Centre. This ultramodern fitness centre on the 25th floor of SKY Tower Two welcomes all club card holders.

Alongside a fully equipped fitness centre, you will also find sumptuous wellness facilities, such as saunas and a hammam. This is the ideal place to exercise and relax with an exclusive view across the Ostend skyline.

Semi-private garden

In the heart of SKY District, cleverly enclosed by the surrounding buildings, is a most pleasant courtyard garden. During the day, this garden is open to the public and so contributes to the dynamic atmosphere that befits SKY District.

In the evening, the semi-private courtyard garden is restricted to residents, so you are assured of all the peace and privacy you need.

SKY Club Card

Do you live in SKY District? Your personal club card provides unlimited access to the elevator system, the SKY Bar and the SKY Health Centre. Visitors without a club card are accompanied to the appropriate floor by the janitor.

If you are not a SKY resident, you can purchase a club card to get access to phenomenal views in the SKY Bar and an oasis of peace and relaxation in the SKY Health Centre. These exclusive and luxurious facilities are only open to club card holders.